Scripting Products

The scripting technology helps with quick-and-easy development of Web applications. Scripting products on NetWare® simplifies the task of developing NetWare based applications. Developing applications using scripting languages is easier than writing NLM™programs using C/C++. NetWare 6.5 provides a choice of scripting languages for the development of Web applications and administration utilities.

The scripting technology on NetWare includes Novell Script for NetWare, Novell ScriptPages (NSP), Universal Component System (UCS), and open source PHP and Perl.

Novell Script For NetWare

NSN is a VBScript-compatible, server-side scripting language available on NetWare. It provides an object-oriented development environment that supports both the highly skilled RAD programmer and the high-level Web designer.

Universal Component System (UCS)

UCS provides an interface to develop applications using any scripting language and any component on the network. It simplifies utilization of existing NetWare services to build Internet and intranet solutions and provides an open standards-based solution.

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NSN Features
  • Includes a script interpreter, script execution shell on NetWare server console, and a script compiler
  • Includes a set of components, called Universal Component eXtension (UCX), for accessing various services on NetWare
  • Enables you to develop and host ASP pages on NetWare using theNovell ScriptPages(NSP) technology.
UCS Features
  • Allows NSN, Perl 5 for NetWare, Java, C/C++, etc., to access UCX (Universal Component eXtensions) components, Java classes and Beans, and ActiveX controls using a single interface.