Novell TCP/IP
The TCP/IP Suite of Products

The Novell® TCP/IP stack is compliant with the latest RFCs and is multiprocessor (MP) enabled. The transport layer (TCP & UDP) is completely MP enabled so that the stack can process any TCP/UDP connections on any processor. These features take advantage of the multiple processors available and make the stack scale more than it does on a uni-processor machine.

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TCP/IP Features
  • Multihoming, NIC-level load balancing & fault tolerance
  • Reliable Multicast - Pragmatic General Multicast protocol
  • Web-based administration of the TCP/IP stack
  • Virtual IP address support
  • UNIX-like command line utilities like ifconfig, whois, etc.
  • Path MTU Black Hole detection and recovery
  • NON-ARPable secondary IP address
  • Selective acknowledgement & large windows
  • Support for configuring 3rd-party NIC Teaming features
  • Multiple Default Gateway & Dead Gateway Detection