Beans for Novell Services
Directory-enable your Web site

Beans for Novell® Services provide easy-to-use Java* components to integrate Web applications with Net services. These components use open protocols, are written entirely in Java, and have no dependencies on native code.

A Web application, created using LDAP and Security command beans in JSPs is also available with this release of NetWare®. View the Readme for enabling the application.

The following diagram shows the usage of the Beans for Novell services in Web application development. Beans can be used in Java technologies like servlets, EJBs, and JSPs, thus exposing the Novell services to these technologies in an easy way.

There are a wealth of bean components available from Novell's developer site. Some of the bean categories include the following:

  • LDAP Command Beans - Use JNDI, which is an integrated part of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for NetWare. Therefore, a NetWare client is no longer required to enable directory access.
  • Security Command Beans - Enable simple manipulation of security providers and certificates.
  • UDDI Command Beans - Allow applications to be integrated with UDDI registries, provide mechanisms to contact a UDDI registry, and enable inquiries and publishing to and from UDDI servers (along with features such as authenticated inquiry).
  • WebDAV Command Beans - Leverage the functionality of Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol (WebDAV) as easy-to-use JavaBean components.
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Beans Features
  • Provides easy-to-use components to create Web applications
  • Uses consistent interfaces
  • Offers basic and value-added components
  • Can be used in RAD tools like JBuilder
  • Can be used on the client as well as on the servers (NetWare, NT, UNIX)