Novell eDirectory 8.7

Novell(R) eDirectory(tm) is the foundation for the world's largest identity management deployments; a high-end directory service that allows businesses to manage identities and security access for employees, customers and partners. With Novell eDirectory, businesses lay the groundwork for complete secure identity management solutions and multi-platform network services.

For over a decade Novell eDirectory has defined and reinvented the role of a directory service. More than just an LDAP data store, eDirectory is the identity foundation for managing the relationships that link your users and their access rights with corporate resources, devices and security policies. Among directory services, eDirectory is uniquely capable of meeting the demands of large-scale, high-end directory deployments, because it gives businesses:

  • Compatibility with open standards and multiple platforms
  • Security against unauthorized access
  • Reliability for business continuity
  • Scalability to support business-growth opportunities
  • Manageability to streamline administration and cut costs

Novell eDirectory Web-based monitoring
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eDirectory 8.7 Features
Novell eDirectory gives customers precise, centralized control over the identities, access rights and applications running on NetWare servers; and it does so anytime, anywhere through a secure Web interface. Gaining better control of these resources - and managing them in concert with other enterprise servers - results in tighter network security and lower administration costs.