The Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronizes servers, which are NTPv3 compliant. NetWare® and Linux* are NTPv3 compliant operating systems.

Novell® eDirectory and other products like storage, auditing and messaging rely heavily on consistent and reliable object time stamps. Without consistent and reliable time stamps, synchronization of directories is not possible.

NTP addresses fault tolerance in the form of a time provider group. In a time provider group, all the servers in one geographical location network obtain time from other servers in the same network. Only one server communicates with a server outside the network and obtains time from it. Therefore, the network traffic across the geographical locations reduces, minimizing traffic across routers and WANs.

NetWare Remote Manager configuration screen

NetWare Remote Manager monitoring screen



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NTPv3 Features

  • All features as per RFC 1305 on NTPv3

  • Configuration and monitoring access through NetWare Remote Manager

  • Single-point of configuration of the full eDirectory tree through NetWare Remote Manager

  • Backward compatibility support to provide time to Timesync/Novell client in NCP mode

  • Migrate and accept a Timesync single time provider in the auto discovery mode (SLP)

  • Extra ease-of-use options on NTPQ

  • Interoperable with Timesync and other operating systems like Linux

  • iManager Web-based administration to migrate servers from TimeSync to NTP.